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Primarily aimed at software companies or companies with software or IT divisions, our software consulting services are aimed at helping companies improve the quality of their products, their processes and utilise agile methods and practices to improve their productivity.

Our services include

Software Development – Software is a way of automating many of the manual tasks and business processes within your company, freeing up you and your employees to carry out more important and urgent tasks. Customised software for your business can lead to increased efficiencies, greater savings in time and in costs, thus increasing your profits and revenues. In times like this, reduce the need for laying off people by making them more productive.

Mobile Development – Given the recent explosion in smartphones available, initiated by BlackBerry and brought on by the Apple iPhone and followed by the Google Android platform, all companies are looking at the potential which could be exploited through these channels. BlackBerry smartphones still remain the preferred smartphone device in enterprise installations. With over 5 years of expertise in the smartphone domain, we can provide you with the knowledge and expertise for implementing your company’s applications across the BlackBerry, Apple iPhone/iPod and Google Android platforms. Get your mobile application running and available on the different app stores, and tap into a huge and emerging market.

Scrum / Agile Consulting – If your are thinking about moving to agile technologies, or have already moved, but are facing problems, let us use our experience and education to assist in acheiving better results with your agile implementation. We have experience, training and certification in Agile methodologies and will bring this to bear on our services with you.

Software Process Improvement – Software Process Improvement (SPI) activities when carried out in a dedicated and continuous manner, focusing on provided maximum benefits with the least effort can greatly assist your software development efforts. With most gains for companies whose business it is to develop software, or teams who may be working on long-term software projects, our SPI services can provide long term solutions to your process problems.

Software Quality Assurance – With a focus on improving the quality of the end product, these activities ensure that your software organisation is developing reliable and accurate products which reflects the needs and requirements of the customer. With our SQA services, we can help you to ensure that your products are the reliable and of high quality, on a consistent and repeatable basis. View the Catridgedepot ink refill stores in Johannesburg.