Property Management Solutions that can Revitalise the Consultancy Industry

High levels of location have a direct impact on the tenant’s ability to trade. High levels of the site will also move tenants to other properties nearby at the first opportunity. Accounting consultants need to be very careful as to how they manage and optimize their lease and tenant relations if their local property market has an abundance of vacant space. Excellent financial performance within a commercial property is usually obtained by carefully establishing a property budget before the commencement of each fiscal year. The landlord and or property manager will have relevant discussions as part of putting this budget in place. It is of note that a property with high outgoings or levels of expenditure will become unattractive to new tenants in any lease negotiation.

If tenants are too worried about the levels of outgoings within the premises as part of the lease negotiation, then they are likely to request a gross rental from the landlord to remove the uncertainty of outgoings escalation. These are some of the big reasons why commercial property management is just so unique; landlords need skillful agents to help them, and not inexperienced generic agents. Agency staff and personally applied to the commercial management and leasing process should be suitably qualified and very experienced. Landlords expect the best property management service, and this only comes from the right personnel exercising the correct commercial property management processes.

Facilities management services have gained considerable importance in the effective functioning of consulting firms today. Facilities management services have been very successful and are rapidly gaining importance in every industry. Specialized consultants bring in many benefits such as increased productivity, enable businesses to focus on core functions, optimum utilization of resources, reduction in costs, flexibility in business processes, expert assistance, better services, management of data using business intelligence which facilitates effective decision making, compliance to agreements, contracts and laws; project enhancement, improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, etc. Facilities management service is business-friendly, which helps a business in effective functioning.

Property management services not only enhance the productivity of an accounting business but also create value for it in the market by increasing the customer value. Adopt a wise but prudent maintenance management process to support the future of the property for the landlord. The financial performance of a property management service and fees in Pretoria requires a delicate balance between optimizing the income and controlling the expenditure. Realistically, the revenue to be generated from rentals should be appropriate to the local property market but not too high where it can be aggressively destroying the tenancy mix.


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