Business Coaching Services – A Holistic Perspective

What comes to mind when you think of business coaching services? If you are an owner or leader of a business, you might think of some kind of advice offered to get through a challenging situation, or some “tool” to help you evaluate your people, or an exercise to establish a positive behavior in your team. If you are a coach, you might share similar examples because these all fit with what many consider traditional business coaching services.

For the moment, let’s explore business coaching services from a broader, more holistic perspective, specifically considering two important points:

• We can’t see ourselves playing the game – a coach can. In the heat of the battle, we often don’t see ourselves or our teammates accurately. A business coach can view us and our situation through an objective pair of eyes and simply report what he or she sees. That honest feedback is essential to our becoming our best.

• We all need a system to become our best – a coach can provide one. Creativity is vital to improvement, but a system is vital to consistency. Everyone doing things their own way won’t make a business great. Said another way, we can’t run our businesses on multiple operating systems – we must choose one if we want to become our best. Creativity – a system = chaos.

With these two primary points in mind and a desire to become our best, how do we “shop” for the right business coaching services? What criteria matters most in our selection of a business coach? Here are 5 to consider:

1. Experience. The coach we select must have real experience playing the game as a business owner, leader and/or top-level manager. They don’t have to be the best player, but they must have an experiential understanding of playing and winning.

2. Skill. The coach we select must possess the ability to teach, facilitate and coach others, especially when emotions flare. They need to be a great observer and be skilled at extracting the best and right answers from the people they coach.

3. Passion. The coach we select must love the game and love bringing the best out in the players they coach.

4. Holistic. To be our best, our coach’s system needs to be holistic – complete. Leaving parts of our business in a chaotic condition won’t produce the best results.

5. Simple. Our coach’s system needs to be simple. Complexity doesn’t lead to sustainability or permanence. A simple, all-encompassing business management system leads to independence.

In the heat of battle, the right business coaching services can make all the difference between winning and losing the game. Its vital to find out the best executive car hire Johannesburg that will carter for all your consulting travel needs while in Johannesburg.


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